A bit about me

Hello, my name is Raymond Deng. I am a student at the University of Western Australia, studying Business Law and Marketing. Conniveo is an outlet for me to craft professional quality websites and graphics for the people around me. I love writing the code to complex functional websites and I love letting my mind run free at all the creative possibilities of design. Conniveo allows me to do these things as both a hobby and a service.

I began making websites at the age of 10 because I was curious to know how the digital world around me was created. My first website was nothing more than an empty page with nothing but embedded videos and games from my favourite websites. At age 11, I discovered the world of HTML templates, and began creating websites on top of designs made by other people. Soon I was able to create websites almost from scratch. My career began when I was 13, when a family friend asked me to build a website for his solar company. I was very excited to have my first client, and I was keen to follow the professional process as close as possible. Over the next few years, I developed that company’s website, going through many different designs and improving my web development skills. In 2013, I created Conniveo, to expand my services and provide professional quality websites to the people around me.


Optimised for


Conniveo websites are fine-tuned to load FAST. All content on your page are carefully compressed to ensure both quality and fast delivery.

Tested on all major


A website’s design is very important. That’s why it’s crucial that your website looks exactly the way it’s suppose to across every browser.

Built to responsively fit all


At home or on-the-go, your website will responsively fit your screen, no matter which device you access it from!

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Search Engine Optimisation is making sure your website is more visible to the people searching for you.



PHP is used to code functional elements on your website. One of the most popular scripting languages, it is used by Facebook and Wikipedia.



Your website will be made to work with a Content Management System, so that you are able to make your own changes with ease.